Finland, Helsinki
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nice! wish you a great vacation!
You really are my true and best friend who will never leave me in any situation and who is always ready to help! Thank you for protecting me at night, thank you for always being with me - day and night. You know how I need it🙏🏼I'm so grateful for everything💜 I already told you the most important words in the morning😘 You know what I mean...take care of yourself, hug you😘
My dear and special friend, thank you for always being here at any minute, you are always near me and I can always count on you. I want to tell you so much, but all my feelings will be replaced only with the words "thank you". Thank you for your kindness and honesty, for your sincerity and loyalty, for your love and understanding! Huuuuuug you😘😘
Thank you very much for being near! Thank you for worrying about me more than I do. Thank you for always willing to help me. Thank you that the word "friendship" for you is so important and I can always count on you🙏🏼 I’m very grateful to you for everything what you do for me. Hug you and be happy😜
Thank you, my dear friend, for your crazy surprises!😜 you always know the way how to shock me)) hug you😘
You are my good, close and true friend at the same time because you care about me, you understand me and you have stood by my side always in both my good and bad times. You have always encouraged me to follow my dreams. I know that you are consider me to be your best friend too and i am grateful for that. You know that I wish only the best for you, so be happy, every minute ;)
My dear friend, thank you for your support from the sky! Thank you for always remembering me and trust me. I really appreciate it and I will never forget these moments))
The most sweet and hot man ♡ ♡ ♡
Thank you very much for the warm, tender, cheerful words and wishes that penetrated into my soul and warmed my heart with warmth. I am very pleased and happy to realize that I always have someone nearby who is ready to help from the heart! I wish you all the good things and bright miracles in life. Be happy, my friend😘